Defensible Space Program

Defensible Space is the area within the perimeter of a parcel, development, neighborhood and community where basic wildland fire protection practices and measures are implemented, providing the key point of defense from an approaching wildfire or escaping structure fire.

What You Can Do

It’s very important for residents to understand the steps necessary to act in a fire-safe manner, and accept the responsibility of self-protection by taking those steps. Characteristics of a defensible area include:

  • Clearly marked street names and building identification
  • Emergency water reserves
  • Established and maintained emergency vehicle access
  • Fuel modification measures

This graphic shows a number of steps to take to keep your property safer in the event of a major wildfire (click to enlarge):

Defensible Space Graphic (JPG)


Beginning in Late Spring/Early Summer, District Defensible Space (LE 100) Inspectors will inspect homes in specifically targeted high-risk areas, and work with homeowners to abate potential hazards on their properties. For questions regarding a notice, inspection, or other details of this program, please contact our Community Risk Reduction Division at (831) 685-6698.

Report Hazardous Conditions

If you would like to report a hazardous condition in your neighborhood, you can submit a Weed/Hazard Complaint Form, and it will be routed to our inspectors. Note that while complainant names are never released, they are necessary for inspection follow up. Complaints submitted without a name/contact info will not be considered.