Plan Submittal

Plan Reviews

Aptos/La Selva Fire Protection District conducts plan reviews of all new residential and commercial construction for compliance with fire and life safety codes. The District works in conjunction with the Santa Cruz County Building and Planning Departments for all new construction and tenant improvements within Aptos/La Selva Fire District’s jurisdiction.

Turnaround Time

Plan reviews may have up to a two week turnaround time. Two sets of plans are required at the time of submission and must be accompanied by a completed building permit application. Fees for plan review will apply.

Aptos/La Selva Fire District Building Permit Application - Deferred Submittals

Sprinkler Plans

The Aptos/La Selva Fire District and all fire districts within Santa Cruz County adopted a fire sprinkler ordinance in 1989. Since the inception of this ordinance, fire sprinklers protect nearly every new structure, and many existing structures when they have been added to or undergone a major remodel.

The installation and required testing of new fire protection equipment is under the direction of the fire service, and is part of the fire code, rather than the building code. Prior to the adoption of the sprinkler ordinance, the Aptos/La Selva Fire District adopted an ordinance for the installation of automatic fire alarm systems in all commercial occupancies not otherwise protected, and in some specific residential occupancies. This ordinance has been in place since the early 1970’s, and is still in use today for those occupancies not protected by an automatic fire sprinkler system.

Community Risk Reduction

The Community Risk Reduction Division provides planning input for developers, plan checking and inspection services at the various levels required by the County of Santa Cruz Planning Department. Plan checks for all specialized fire detection and suppression systems are performed by outside resources, while the inspection of these systems is performed by Community Risk Reduction personnel.