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A publicly elected Board of Directors governs the Fire District.  Regular board meetings occur each month on the second Thursday of the month beginning at 7:00 PM located at the administration office at 6934 Soquel Drive. 

Meetings are open to the public and public attendance is strongly encouraged.  If you wish to attend a meeting, call us at 831-685-6690 during business hours to confirm that the meeting date has not changed (which is a rare occurrence).

We will provide advance copies of board meeting agendas and all meeting support materials upon request. Per Brown Act compliance, Regular Board Meeting Agendas will be posted a minimum of 72 hours prior to the date/time of the meeting, at all 3 District Fire Stations and at the Aptos and La Selva public libraries. Special Meetings will be posted a minimum of 24 hours prior. If you would like to receive direct email notices regarding meeting Agendas, as they become available, please click the icon below to sign up for our mailing list. Current meeting agendas and prior meeting minutes are available below.  

The Board of Directors is responsible for setting the policies that are implemented by the staff, leading the District by expressing its vision and values, and by inspiring and empowering District employees to work together to create an effective and positive work environment that adheres to the highest standards of conduct.

The Board faces many challenges each year including setting the District budget, oversight of the Fire Chief and operations, and addressing fire hazard and life-safety issues.

A copy of the current Policies and Procedures Manual for the A/LSFD Board of Directors is listed at the link below (click on the image to download):


Regular scheduled meetings typically are held on the second Thursday of each month, at 7:00 PM in our upstairs meeting room at 6934 Soquel Drive, Aptos. The 2016 Board Meeting Schedule is listed below: 

January 11, 2018 7:00 PM
Thursday February 8, 2018 7:00 PM
Thursday March 8, 2018 7:00 PM
Thursday April 12, 2018 7:00 PM
Thursday May 10, 2018 7:00 PM
Thursday June 14, 2018 7:00 PM
Thursday July 12, 2018 7:00 PM
Thursday August 16, 2018* 7:00 PM
Thursday September 13, 2018 7:00 PM
Thursday October 11, 2018 7:00 PM
Thursday November 8, 2018 7:00 PM
Thursday December 13, 2018 7:00 PM

* Note: The August Regular Board Meeting was rescheduled from 8/9/18 to 8/16/18, due to scheduling availability.

Written Communications:

When writing or emailing a Board Director, please be advised that communication from members of the public to individual board members are not automatically included as "Written Communication" in our Board Agenda packets.  Additionally, written communications sent to one director (or the Board Secretary) will not be automatically forwarded to the rest of the Board, or posted in the Agenda materials. If your intention is not to be in the written communications, please direct your email/letter to the Director (or Directors) you wish to communicate with, at the contact info listed below.


President Joe Foster:
Vice President George Lucchesi:
Director Robert Spisak:
Director Jim Abendschan:
Director Vince Hurley:

To submit an email communication into the "Written Communications" segment of the Board Agenda, please also include a cc of your email directly to Fire Chief Aaron Lowe, at, with the specific request to include these in the next Board Meeting's Written Communications. 

You may also send letters to the Board of Directors by mail, c/o A/LSFPD Administration Office at 6934 Soquel Drive, Aptos CA, 95003.  Please specify when sending these communications that you are requesting the letter be entered into the next available Board Agenda Written Communications.  For questions regarding this process, please contact our Administration Office at 831-685-6690.

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Board Policy Manual508.08Download

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  Director Term of Office (4 Years)
  Jim Abendschan
First Appointed: 2010
Next Election: General 2018
  Joe Foster
First Appointed: 2015
Next Election: General 2020
  Vincent Hurley
First Appointed: 2000
Next Election: General 2018
 George Lucchesi
First Elected: 2016
Next Election: General 2020
 Robert "Bob" Spisak
First Appointed: 2008
Next Election: General 2020

Board Agendas 2018 Minimize
 TitleSize (Kb) 
Board Agenda 01-11-18 Part 14,433.01Download
Board Agenda 01-11-18 Part 24,083.79Download
Board Agenda 01-11-18 Part 3 (Late Add.)188.29Download
Board Agenda 02-08-18 BASIC243.56Download
Board Agenda 02-08-18 FULL (Part 1)6,575.93Download
Board Agenda 02-08-18 FULL (Part 2)2,874.80Download
Board Agenda 02-22-18 SPECIAL759.53Download
Board Agenda 03-08-18 ADDITION 3-6-182,212.26Download
Board Agenda 03-08-18 BASIC259.84Download
Board Agenda 03-08-18 FULL6,047.59Download
Board Agenda 04-12-18 BASIC2,503.01Download
Board Agenda 04-12-18 FULL Part 16,816.05Download
Board Agenda 04-12-18 FULL Part 26,302.70Download
Board Agenda 04-12-18 FULL Part 37,365.14Download
Board Agenda 04-12-18 FULL Part 44,444.52Download
Board Agenda 04-12-18 FULL Part 57,295.13Download
Board Agenda 05-10-18 BASIC135.45Download
Board Agenda 05-10-18 FULL Part 12,591.07Download
Board Agenda 05-10-18 FULL Part 25,673.48Download
Board Agenda 05-10-18 FULL Part 32,578.10Download
Board Agenda 06-14-18 BASIC138.72Download
Board Agenda 06-14-18 FULL2,213.04Download
Board Agenda 07-12-18 BASIC301.53Download
Board Agenda 07-12-18 FULL Part 14,158.81Download
Board Agenda 07-12-18 Part 25,514.63Download
Board Agenda 08-16-18 BASIC251.16Download
Board Agenda 08-16-18 FULL2,950.76Download
Board Agenda 08-16-18 SPECIAL54.74Download
Board Agenda 08-27-18 SPECIAL183.66Download
Board Agenda 09-13-18 BASIC289.95Download
Board Agenda 09-13-18 FULL Part 15,663.29Download
Board Agenda 09-13-18 FULL Part 2A1,245.51Download
Board Agenda 09-13-18 FULL Part 2B7,505.48Download
Board Agenda 09-13-18 FULL Part 2C5,121.15Download
Board Agenda 09-13-18 FULL Part 3392.33Download
Board Agenda 09-13-18 FULL Part 42,163.29Download
Board Agenda 09-13-18 FULL Part 51,420.03Download
Board Agenda 10-11-18 BASIC182.04Download
Board Agenda 10-11-18 FULL2,902.48Download

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Board Agendas 2017 Minimize
 TitleModified DateSize (Kb) 
Board Agenda 01-12-171/9/20177,159.54Download
Board Agenda 02-09-17 (Item 4.1 Updated 2-9-17)2/8/20177,252.29Download
Board Agenda 02-23-17 Special Meeting2/16/20171,158.60Download
Board Agenda 03-09-17 Part 13/3/20174,590.26Download
Board Agenda 03-09-17 Part 23/3/20175,277.20Download
Board Agenda 04-07-17 SPECIAL4/6/201760.71Download
Board Agenda 04-13-17 Part 14/6/20176,845.52Download
Board Agenda 04-13-17 Part 24/6/20174,152.24Download
Board Agenda 05-11-17 Part 15/5/20175,702.70Download
Board Agenda 05-11-17 Part 25/5/20174,612.44Download
Board Agenda 05-11-17 Part 35/5/20176,523.99Download
Board Agenda 05-11-17 Part 4 - 7.4 Supp. Info5/10/20172,053.59Download
Board Agenda 06-08-176/26/20172,755.01Download
Board Agenda 06-08-17 ADDITION Item 7.16/6/20175,398.97Download
Board Agenda 06-08-17 ADDITION Item 8.36/6/2017192.59Download
Board Agenda 06-08-17 AMENDMENT ITEM 4.46/6/2017193.20Download
Board Agenda 06-08-17 Financial Presentation6/26/20171,435.17Download
Board Agenda 07-13-17 Part 17/10/20172,963.02Download
Board Agenda 07-13-17 Part 27/7/20171,968.07Download
Board Agenda 08-10-178/15/20172,594.39Download
Board Agenda 08-16-17 (Special)8/15/2017659.28Download
Board Agenda 08-23-17 (Special)8/22/2017960.84Download
Board Agenda 09-14-179/11/20172,707.27Download
Board Agenda 09-26-17 SPECIAL10/11/20171,227.37Download
Board Agenda 09-26-17 SPECIAL Part 29/22/20177,727.04Download
Board Agenda 09-26-17 SPECIAL Part 39/22/20174,932.63Download
Board Agenda 10-12-1710/10/20177,703.77Download
Board Agenda 10-25-17 SPECIAL10/23/201753.65Download
Board Agenda 11-09-17 Part 111/3/20175,892.89Download
Board Agenda 11-09-17 Part 211/3/20177,912.02Download
Board Agenda 11-09-17 Part 311/9/20172,944.21Download
Board Agenda 12-14-17 Part 112/8/20173,419.58Download
Board Agenda 12-14-17 Part 1012/11/2017845.34Download
Board Agenda 12-14-17 Part 212/8/20173,826.55Download
Board Agenda 12-14-17 Part 312/11/20174,486.07Download
Board Agenda 12-14-17 Part 412/11/20174,692.46Download
Board Agenda 12-14-17 Part 512/11/20171,800.64Download
Board Agenda 12-14-17 Part 612/11/20176,361.08Download
Board Agenda 12-14-17 Part 712/11/20175,055.97Download
Board Agenda 12-14-17 Part 812/11/20177,350.51Download
Board Agenda 12-14-17 Part 912/11/20172,486.36Download

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Board Agendas 2016 Minimize
 TitleSize (Kb) 
Board Agenda 01-14-16 Part 14,106.38Download
Board Agenda 01-14-16 Part 24,048.23Download
Board Agenda 01-28-16 Special Meeting326.49Download
Board Agenda 02-11-16 Part 12,429.20Download
Board Agenda 02-11-16 Part 25,858.22Download
Board Agenda 02-11-16 Part 35,500.58Download
Board Agenda 03-10-16 Part 15,134.83Download
Board Agenda 03-10-16 Part 25,858.38Download
Board Agenda 03-10-16 Part 31,455.55Download
Board Agenda 04-14-16 Part 17,022.77Download
Board Agenda 04-14-16 Part 22,675.72Download
Board Agenda 04-14-16 Part 32,807.74Download
Board Agenda 04-25-16 Special Meeting422.44Download
Board Agenda 05-12-16 Part 13,896.21Download
Board Agenda 05-12-16 Part 27,318.46Download
Board Agenda 06-09-16 Part 14,528.87Download
Board Agenda 06-09-16 Part 21,762.40Download
Board Agenda 07-14-16 Part 16,229.24Download
Board Agenda 07-14-16 Part 25,072.29Download
Board Agenda 07-14-16 Part 32,627.42Download
Board Agenda 08-11-16 Part 14,021.14Download
Board Agenda 08-11-16 Part 2 (Item 6.1)4,229.68Download
Board Agenda 08-11-16 Part 3 (Item 6.3)5,937.39Download
Board Agenda 08-25-16 Special Meeting47.39Download
Board Agenda 08-25-16 Special Meeting Part 2 (Item 4.1)4,229.68Download
Board Agenda 09-08-16 (Part 1)3,456.89Download
Board Agenda 09-08-16 (Part 2)3,939.56Download
Board Agenda 09-29-16 Special Meeting85.91Download
Board Agenda 10-13-1685.91Download
Board Agenda 11-10-16 (REVISED 11-8-16)85.91Download
Board Agenda 11-10-16 Part 2 - Master Plan Proposals5,937.39Download
Board Agenda 12-08-161,795.14Download

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Board Minutes 2013 Minimize

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Board Minutes 2012 Minimize

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Board Minutes 2011 Minimize

Current Board Agenda Minimize
The full Agenda Packet (basic agenda plus supplemental documentation) is linked below. For earlier Board Agendas and Minutes,please scroll to the bottom of this page, or contact the Administration Office at 831-685-6690 to obtain a copy.

Director Jim Abendschan Minimize

Mr. Abendschan was appointed to the board in January 2010.  Jim is retired and former President & CEO of Spectra-Mat, Inc. in Watsonville.  He comes to the board with several years of public and private board experience.  He has lived in La Selva Beach for over 17 years.  Jim can be reached at and/or 831-359-7926.

Director Joe Foster

Joe Foster was sworn in as Interim Board Director as of September 11, 2015.  He resides in La Selva Beach, and currently works in Government Relations for PG&E. Previously, he served as Executive Director of the Santa Cruz County Business Council. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Sutter/Palo Alto Medical Foundation and United Way of Santa Cruz County. To contact Director Foster, email

Director Vincent Hurley Minimize

Vincent P. Hurley is an Attorney working in Aptos, who has 20 years of experience in private practice and government legal affairs. He has been with the Board of Directors since November of 2000.  Mr. Hurley can be reached via email at

Director George Lucchesi Minimize

George J. Lucchesi, retired Fire Captain, was sworn in on 11/10/2016 as Board Director.  George has over 36 years of fire department service.  He has enjoyed living in Aptos for over 38 years.  You may reach George at:

Director Bob Spisak Minimize


Director Bob Spisak was elected to the Board in November 2008.  He is a retired firefighter, who has also taught CPR and First Aid.  He currently serves as a volunteer for the Campbell Police Dept. (since 1998), and loves living in Aptos.  To contact Director Spisak, email

Board Meeting Recordings 2018 Minimize
Audio Recordings of Board Meetings for the Aptos/La Selva Fire Protection District. If you require a recording from a meeting prior to these dates, please contact our Administration Office at 831-685-6690, or visit our Administration page to obtain a Public Records Request Form.

Board Meeting Recordings 2017 Minimize
Recent Audio Recordings of Board Meetings for the Aptos/La Selva Fire Protection District. If you require a recording from a meeting prior to these dates, please contact our Administration Office at 831-685-6690, or visit our Administration page to obtain a Public Records Request Form.

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