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From the Chief

I want to extend my appreciation from the men and women of the Aptos/La Selva Fire Protection District for visiting our website. I hope that this website will provide valuable information about our Fire District.

The website can provide our Mission, Strategy, Vison and Values, which describes what we strive for, where we want to go and what we want to be to the communities of Aptos & La Selva Beach and the visitors who enjoy this great area.

The Safety Preparedness tab links you to several ways the Aptos/La Selva Fire Protection District can help you plan, prepare and mitigate natural and human caused risks to you, your family and your property. This is a pro-active approach in protecting yourselves, property and potential hazards in this beautiful coastal area. This includes free Bystander CPR opportunities and information on how to properly dispose of common hazardous household wastes. Furthermore, there is a link to become a member of the Community Emergency Response Team (under the CERT link). CERT is a community-based group that prepares, organizes and works together as a team to provide essential serves to their community during a disaster. This provides the added resources and resiliency necessary to improve response efforts within the community.

The Building/Construction tab provides key local and state codes that are required to assist in reducing the risk in the community. An example of these codes is the 1989 adoption of the fire sprinkler ordinance. Furthermore, there are links to help educate the community in reducing fire related hazards and mitigation procedures to utilize if such a hazard occurs. By reducing risk through engineering codes and educating the public, we as a community can provide a safe and economically prosperous vitality of the community members, businesses and visitors who are on holiday.

Additionally, the Aptos/La Selva in Action tab can provide a glimpse of the men and women of the Aptos/La Selva Fire Protection District protecting the community. This exemplifies the commitment they have to improve their knowledge, skills and abilities to mitigate the wide variety of emergencies that are required of them in this diverse landscape we are responsible for.  This also includes the dedicated Surf Rescue Team (aka the Aquatic Rescue Response Team, or ARRT).

Behind the Scenes tab allows the community to research the Board of Directors, including the decisions they make and how to contact them. These dedicated members of the community set the polices and procedures of the Fire District. I want to express my desire for transparency on decisions made by our Board, to ensure the Aptos/La Selva Fire Protection District is meeting the community’s expectations of their firefighters.

It is an honor and a privilege to lead the Aptos/La Selva Fire Protection District, whose members are fully dedicated to serving and protecting the residents, homes, businesses and visitors of this uniquely beautiful Aptos/La Selva community.


Best regards,


Aaron Lowe, Fire Chief

Aptos/La Selva Fire Protection District
831-685-6690, ext. 113


Above: Chief Lowe and Crews donned pink shirts through the month of October 2018, for Cancer Awareness Month.

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